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Hales Communications Limited is a 2009 established Telecommunications Company offering experienced engineers to provide installation, commissioning and maintenance services on wireless and fixed network.

Engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide a highly professional and quality service across a wide range of telecommunications disciplines covering PDH, ATM, SDH, Microwave and Fibre Optic transmission and RAN services on mobile networks.

We have provided engineers for Indigo TelecomGroup and Greenwoods Communications Limited on various projects including FTTC (Huawei/BT), Microwave I&C (BSKYB), Fixed Mobile Comvergence ( Cable and Wireless), E1 Transmission upgrades (OUK), QA for Indigo (Huawei/Teleabs)


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  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Supervision
  • Service Delivery
  • Quality Assurance